South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust

History 1857

The Institute

The South Wales Institute of Engineers was founded in 1857, having as its main purpose “The encouragement and advancement of engineering science”, and in 1881 the Institute was granted a Royal Charter. These objectives still hold true today. However, in 1997 the Institute, with the co-operation of the Charity Commission modernizes its constitution as follows:-

“The Institute shall exist to promote the study of and encourage research into engineering science and the good practice thereof, including the effects of engineering on the environment, and shall encourage the exchange of information and ideas amongst its members and publish the results of this experience and research.”

The wide nature of these powers enables the Institute to pursue a strategy whereby members could contribute to the improvement and development of engineering science, the promotion of high standards of practice and importantly, the development of engineering.

Conduct Of Affairs

In order to achieve its objectives the Institute promotes high standards through the medium of seminars, meetings and other educational events. The Institute also welcomes co-operation and collaboration with other professional engineering institutions and statutory authorities.

All these lectures and discussions were published annually in the Institute’s Proceedings entitled.

Engineering – South Wales

Other worthy papers were also published as appropriate. This journal provides a valuable record and reference work going back to 1857.