South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust

Welcome to SWIEET

South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust has as its aim the encouragement and advancement of the sciences and practices of engineering and technology. It does so through sponsorship for projects and programmes of individuals and organisations. It is interested in sponsoring simple, novel ideas of modest cost to do with Wales. 

The Trust has been particulary active in supporting projects that benefit young people, from primary school to university, or that develop and bring to life engineering history and heritage.

The Trust has its origins in the South Wales Institute of Engineers, founded in 1857. Engineering and technology has transformed and re-invented itself many times over in the past two centuries, expanding its significance and reach. The present period is one of great change in the art of the possible.

Engineering is magic. Or at least the closest thing to magic that exists in the real world.

Elon Musk  (29 June, 2018, Twitter)