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Learned Society of Wales

The Learned Society of Wales

The Society is Wales’s first national scholarly academy, established and launched in May 2010 on the initiative on the part of a group of independent scholars who are based in or connected with Wales, and who represent the major academic disciplines. Until then, Wales lacked its own national academy of learning. This not only meant that the countrys intellectual capability was not properly represented or promoted on the international stage; it was also the case that its people, politicians and policy-makers, and businesses did not have access to well-researched, scholarly and objective advice on issues of key importance in the way that those in other countries have had. Wales now has a learned society that, over time, can take its place among the great academies of London and Edinburgh, as well as those that flourish across Europe, in North America and beyond.

The Society’s Purpose is:-

  • to celebrate, recognise, preserve, protect and encourage excellence in all of the scholarly disciplines,and in the professions, industry and commerce, the arts and public service;
  • to promote the advancement of learning and scholarship and the dissemination and application of the results of academic enquiry and research; and
  • to act as a source of independent and expert scholarly advice and comment on matters affecting the wellbeing of Wales and its people and to advance public discussion and interaction on matters of national and international importance.

The Learned Society of Wales is keen to establish links with other organisations like SWIEET2007 that have complementary aims.