South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust

Chief Executive’s Page


The motto of the South Wales Institute of Engineers (and now SWIEET) has always impressed me, it is certainly inspirational and one, I feel, most apt in directing our objective to promote and assist young people in forging a career in engineering – it is to 


There are three main areas in SWIEET’s agenda that underpin our attempt to fulfil this idea:

1. ‘Educational Engagement’ covering 5 to 19 age groups including STEM activities and excellence raising through university and related schemes.

2. ‘Enabling Employment’, an employer and employment focussed activity to enable employers to take on school-leavers and graduates primarily through schemes such as the Welsh Apprenticeship Alliance and ‘pilot’ funding for business start-ups. 

And lastly one that aligns with a personal interest in engineering and science heritage and history of Wales:

3. ‘Promotion and Profile Raising’, including prestigious and specific lectures and a Welsh Engineering History programme.